5C of 2022M World

Canon (Worldview)

  • Developing a worldview of Game-Fi
  • A Worldview starting from the moon and expanding into space

Creator (Creative Platform)

  • All users will participate as creators in the 22M expansion of the world
  • 2022M Development of Creativ Tools for the World
  • Development of own platform for NFT issuance, ownership, and sales

Currency (MetaUnion key-currency)

  • Transition to the key currency used in 2022M's worldview
  • Own-Swap Platform Development (Tentative name: MoonSwap)

Continuity (Continuity of everyday life)

  • Connect to 2022M world anytime, anywhere through PC, Mobile platform
  • A continuous virtual world from the real world such as education, work, shopping, leisure, and economic activities
  • Providing platforms for artists such as music festivals and NFT exhibitions on the moon

Connectivity (Connection)

  • Connecting the 2022M world
  • It provides a connection between users that transcends time and space
  • Support for multi cross-chain between major networks such as BSC, ERC, Solana, Cardano, etc.
Keyword: Game-Fi, NFT, Cross-chain, MoonSwap