Cross-Chain Exchanger

2022 when the development revolution of blockchain companies, which began with Ethereum Layer 1, is accelerating.
We chose to work together rather than catch up or overtake their outstanding skills.

Why Cross-Chain?

We have minted 2022M on Ethereum mainnet and Binance Smart chain. And we are going to create 2022M token on the other chains like Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Etc.
Those tokens have the same value and it should be paired each other while they are on each different network.

That's why we need Cross-Chain.

2022M will be the key currency of our metaverse union includes NFT market, Game-Fi, Metaverse community.
We are going to build a solid digital ecosystem of the metaverse union through Cross-Chain.

How Does it work?

A separate pool for cross-chain is provided in each network, and a bridge router connecting each network is configured.
When moving from one network to the other, the sending token is incinerated within the liquidity, and in the converted network, cross-chain technology is implemented with a newly generated principle within the liquidity.
Through this, cross-chain technology that is swapped 1:1 without changing the total token amount of the two networks will be implemented.